Abeona Housing Co-op was founded in 1975 and is based in Fleet Rd, London NW3. The Co-op was set up during the squatting and short life housing movements of the seventies. In 1983 it was registered to provide permanent co-operative housing through the acquisition and development of property.

There are currently 48 members of the Co-op. New members are selected from people nominated by Camden Council and other outside housing agencies. The Co-op reserves the right to nominate potential members itself under certain circumstances. The Co-op has always had an Equal Opportunities Policy, so that people living in the Co-op come from a variety of ethnic, class and cultural backgrounds. The membership includes lesbians, gay men and heterosexual women and men, some with children. A percentage of our flats have been designed and built for people living with disability and/or mobility  problems. At present, the people living in Abeona range in age 1 to 60+.

The Co-op has a strong sense of community. Founder members have known each other for many years; and new people, as they have joined the Co-op, have become actively involved. New members are expected to participate in the running of the Co-op since the successful long term management of the Co-op depends on the input of members.

Registered with the Homes and Communities Agency Reg No: C3455
Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014: 20588R